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The forum theatre „Where is the woman in BiH society?“ was performed on 30.09.2015 in the Youth Center in Kakanj.
The basic idea behind the forum theatre is to bring into focus the problem of the position of women in BiH society, to present the problem through a story and to demonstrate on the stage some of the situations in which women find themselves.

Actors were volunteers from the audience. Having identified the causes, as they put it, of unequal status of women in BiH society, they developed a scenario on unemployment of women. They then performed a play of a male and a female applying to a job position. The play also included a curious journalist and an employee. During 2.5 hours of the performance's duration the audience was actively involved and thus helped view and understand the problem from different perspectives. In this way, one can bring the problem into focus and also start working on finding solutions. Everybody had the opportunity to state what they could do/contribute to solve the problem. To work on one's own improvement and to organize forum theatres about other issues were some of the recommendations.
And thus the first forum theatre in Kakanj has brought into focus the problem of the status of women in BiH society and opened up the space fro dialogue and constructive solutions. Great credit goes to the audience which was not afraid of something different and was actively involved in the performance.
Moderators of the forum theatre „Where is woman in BiH society“?:
Naida Bukvić (Bachelor of Law) gave an overview of statistical indicators regarding social, economic, educational and political status of women, Naida made an introduction into the forum theatre. 
Esmin Brodlija (Bachelor of Law and geshtalt psychotherapist) helped the audience relax and forget for a short while everyday problems, thus creating optimal atmosphere for the forum theatre..
Mirza Bajramović (Master of Arts and actor) led the audience through discussion, unfolding of the story and staging of a common situation in which women find themselves. His relaxation exercise at the end helped the audience exit the forum in good mood.


The Forum Theater is part of the project „Women's Political Forum“ that is financed by the funds of the US Embassy in BiH.






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