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Workshop “Communication” in the primary school "Omer Mušić" Brežani


Workshop “Communication” 
Primary school „Omer Mušić“ Brežani, 7.2.2017.
Project „Equal chances for education”, financed by the federal Ministry of education and culture
Partner: primary school „Omer Mušić“ Brežani
Trainer: Maksuma Topalović

Objective: to develop skills and capabilities necessary for successful communication
- basic workshop with focus on forms of communication
Content: forms of communication (verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal); exercise: what does (not) a good listener and good communicator do?; how to recognize if other people listen to you and what to do if you notice that you do not have their attention?;
Group discussion yielded several surprises, including the information on how much we use non-verbal communication and how important non-verbal communication is as well as the observation on who is a good communicator.
By the end of the workshop participants have understood the forms of communication and importance of the art of listening, and have understandingly accepted the information that communication skills can be learned and acquired – we are not born as good or bad communicators.













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