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Workshop in the Mixed High School, topic: Rights of women



Workshop “Rights of women” was conducted as one of activities of marking “16 days of activism against gender violence” in the Mixed High School Kakanj within a project implemented by NGO “Alternative”. 
Trainer: Alisa Provalić, professor of pedagogy.
Datum: 28.12.2017.
Group size: 20 participants
Duration: 90 minutes
Forms of work: group and frontal

- to change traditional attitudes about the role of woman in family and society,
- to introduce regular educational programs on gender equality in schools,
- to use gender-sensitive language in schools,
- to teach students about specific women´s rights,
- to raise awareness and build up capacities of girls and support them in activities which will lead towards improving their position in the society,
- to increase the role of NGOs which are focused on building up capacities of women as well as providing legal and psychological assistance










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